for no reason at all, i let the sky fall

I'm Peggy. I am a college grad-u-ate living in Brooklyn.

Alpha Delta Phi (Middletown '12.5).
BA in Psychology.
BFA in Photography.
Super admin.
St. Louis native.
Film and television junkie.

I want to be Sue Johanson when I grow up.

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"Basically, don't get pissed off over the fact that the way you feel about culture isn't some kind of universal consensus. Because if you do, you will end up feeling betrayed. And it will be your own fault. You will feel bad, and you will deserve it."
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the Mountain Goats,

"Sleeping, I sang a short song about you
And I knew every word of that song was true
Well… almost every word”

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The Mountain Goats,
We Shall All Be Healed

when the last days come
we shall see visions
more vivid than sunsets
brighter than stars
we will recognize each other
and see ourselves for the first time
the way we really are

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The Mountain Goats,
Live at Merge 25


New Mountain Goats Song!

from Merge 25

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miss home

Listening to this while actually in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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The Mountain Goats


The audio quality on this is pretty low, but the opening banter makes it totally worthwhile.

As near as I can figure it:

I wonder if you guys saw this commercial that they used to play when I lived up in Iowa. I didn’t see it anywhere else, I don’t know if it was nation wide, or what, but…

*Some drunk guys from Iowa start yelling “IOWA” really loud*

Oh hush now, nobody gives a shit. Where you are is artificial. It’s just a place you live, okay.

Really now, it’s a continuous landmass. The lines are just things on maps.

So, but, um, they use to have this commercial they would show that was like, you know… *chuckles* it was the best thing.

I hope you saw it! But I don’t know if it was maybe a Iowa and Minnesota get-people-to-go-to-the-lakes thing— though I assume you have lakes down here also.

But it was a kid’s voice— oh, this is going to be a long story, hold on— It was a kid’s voice and reminded me of one of the best songs of the 80s, that great decade the 80s that brought us such great music as “Dear Mister Jesus.” Did you ever hear “Dear Mister Jesus?” It was a song sung by a five-year-old, and it was that sort-of Cristian pornography, that like, you go, “Oh, the kid said Jesus. What could be better?”

And if you are like a guy who is going to Mega Death shows in Long Beach in his spare time, you look at “Dear Mister Jesus” with wonder and reverence and go “Aw, this is the best time to be alive!” because “Dear Mister Jesus,” right?

But it was clear that they had asked the kid to talk dumber then she actually was and she sings like: "Dear Mister Jesus, I don’t know what to do" and it was like that, right?

So this commercial I’m thinking of that ran in Iowa, was the “Dear Mister Jesus” voice, but the kid was asking his father to take him fishing. This is the sort-of thing that weighs very heavily on Midwestern Dads, I think. If you are a kid listening to this, and you want to just rip out your Midwestern father’s heart, then I suspect asking him to take you fishing on a day he can’t do it is a good way to do that.

But the commercial went:

"Take me fishing, because I won’t be nine forever!"

"Take me fishing, because there’s only one sunset a day!"

And I would watch this video and go “Oh man, Dear Mister Jesus has gone fishing, this is cool!” Right?

I want you to bear those noble sentiments in mind as I play an unreleased song from Tallahassee about the day the guy gets drunk and goes fishing.

It’s called Alpha Chum Gatherer

Source: My sister’s recording of the 6/20/13 show in St Louis

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Daniel Johnston | true love will find you in the end

only if you’re looking can it find you

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the Mountain Goats,

the seashore, i don’t want to see it anymore.
the bus runs smoothly,
the back window’s open and the burning air cools me
hold your breath,
your friends all swear you’re one step away from death
i don’t believe them.

here it comes.
my head is throbbing and my hands are numb.
it’s you.
what was i thinking?
what should i do?
your eyes are open and it’s more than i can take
my friends all told me i was making a mistake
i don’t believe them.

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The Mountain Goats,
All Eternals Deck


It’s so good to learn that right outside your window
There’s only friendly fields and open roads
And you’ll sleep better when you think you’ve stepped back from the brink
And found some peace inside yourself, laid down your heavy load

It gets alright to dream at night
Believe in solid skies and slate-blue earth below
But when you see him, you’ll know

It’s okay to find the faith to saunter forward
With no fear of shadows spreading where you stand
And you’ll breathe easier just knowing that the worst is all behind you
And the waves that tossed the raft all night have set you on dry land

It gets okay to praise the day
Believe in sheltering skies and stable earth beneath
But hear his breath come through his teeth

Walk by faith
Tell no one what you’ve seen

It’s so good to learn that from right here the view goes on forever
And you’ll never want for comfort and you’ll never be alone
See the sunset turning red, let all be quiet in your head
And look about, all the stars are coming out

They shine like steel swords
Wish me well where I go
But when you see me, you’ll know

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The Mountain Goats,

The moon was rising over Bridlington and you had blood all over your hands

something was cracking in the rafters of our house, and you had blood all over your hands

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The Mountain Goats,
The Coroner's Gambit

bluejays and cardinals all come out to play
highway traffic gets out of your way
skies clear up if they’re overcast.
pit bulls are gentle when you come past.

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Bloc Party,
Silent Alarm


Do you wanna come over and kill some time?
Throw your arms around me.

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The Mountain Goats,
Full Force Galesburg

Most of the things I used to hold on to
Most of the things I used to say to you
Most of the ways I knew around the local roads
Are disappearing daily

High in the cottonwood
You were looking down at me and you sure looked good
Your hair hanging down in the leaves
Your neck tilted back to make a rainbow

I was losing control of the language again
I am losing control of the language again

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Modern Baseball,


but now that you saw my tweets 
you know that I’m home 
buried in my cell phone 
trying to get a hold of someone new 
instead of hanging out with you 
and your high school stories 

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The Mountain Goats,
Satanic Messiah EP


Wizard Buys A Hat | the Mountain Goats | Satanic Messiah EP | 2008

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the Mountain Goats,
Come, Come To The Sunset Tree

"The rooftops and the sidewalks will all melt like plastic
And oh friend, old friend, dear friend;
I’m gonna look fantastic”

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