for no reason at all, i let the sky fall

I'm Peggy. I am a college grad-u-ate living in Brooklyn.

Alpha Delta Phi (Middletown '12.5).
BA in Psychology.
BFA in Photography.
Super admin.
St. Louis native.
Film and television junkie.

I want to be Sue Johanson when I grow up.

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In case you're having a bad day and cute animals might help make it better

"Basically, don't get pissed off over the fact that the way you feel about culture isn't some kind of universal consensus. Because if you do, you will end up feeling betrayed. And it will be your own fault. You will feel bad, and you will deserve it."
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This is honestly the best gif ever. I’m going to reblog this twice.


This is honestly the best gif ever. I’m going to reblog this twice.

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Netflix, you’re drunk again.


Camphor Flame on Pedestal (0432), 2010
Michael Bühler-Rose

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Metametics Fire Nation

Each finger has two coats of Fire Nation over two coats each of (from index to pinky) Sally Hansen Black Heart, OPI Bullish on OPI, Essie Orange, It’s Obvious!, and Sinful Colors Pull Over. This is another Avatar the Last Airbender inspired polish and once again I’m in love. But really, what’s not to love about glitter? Well okay there’s the removal.. 

Two coats gave me a good amount of glitter without it being too thick and I didn’t have to do much placement, which is always nice. From the creator, “Fire Nation is filled with gold, crimson and orange glitter, suspended in a faintly tinted base.”

Fire Nation can be purchased here in mini ($4) and full ($10) sizes. If you have any questions regarding her polish you can find Metametics on FacebookTumblr, and of course Etsy

This polish was sent to me for review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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poor poor charlie

by Jesse Treece

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Everything about this photo makes me think of Cole.

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