for no reason at all, i let the sky fall

I'm Peggy. I am a college grad-u-ate living in Brooklyn.

Alpha Delta Phi (Middletown '12.5).
BA in Psychology.
BFA in Photography.
Super admin.
St. Louis native.
Film and television junkie.

I want to be Sue Johanson when I grow up.

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In case you're having a bad day and cute animals might help make it better

"Basically, don't get pissed off over the fact that the way you feel about culture isn't some kind of universal consensus. Because if you do, you will end up feeling betrayed. And it will be your own fault. You will feel bad, and you will deserve it."
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Tom Haverford going “Nooooo!”: A Supercut

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My justification for every poor decision, up to and including sleeping with dudes.

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I have a print of this quote at my desk at work.

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I see people getting married to people they’ve known for, like, a year and a half. A year and a half? Is that really enough time to get to know someone to know you want to spend the REST of your life with them? I mean, I’ve had sweaters for a year and a half and I was like, “What the fuck was I doing with this sweater?”
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Aziz Ansari and Kanye West as best friend cats” might be the greatest item I’ve ever seen on etsy.

god bless the internet

Milo and Otis need to step their game up.

Oh… man.

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We didn’t volunteer to help you because we wanted to wrap ourselves in personal glory. We did it because we care about you. You had a dream and we wanted to support your dream. That’s what you do when you care about someone. You support ‘em win, lose, or draw.

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“Pawnee Rangers” | 4.04

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I’m just going to watch videos of Tom Haverford singing from now until the new season starts.

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