for no reason at all, i let the sky fall

I'm Peggy. I am a college grad-u-ate living in Brooklyn.

Alpha Delta Phi (Middletown '12.5).
BA in Psychology.
BFA in Photography.
Super admin.
St. Louis native.
Film and television junkie.

I want to be Sue Johanson when I grow up.

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In case you're having a bad day and cute animals might help make it better

"Basically, don't get pissed off over the fact that the way you feel about culture isn't some kind of universal consensus. Because if you do, you will end up feeling betrayed. And it will be your own fault. You will feel bad, and you will deserve it."
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Abed’s Happy Community College Show is filmed before a live studio audience inside of my head

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English is the craziest language, because this sentence could either mean that Jeff does not require Abed for Jeff’s own growth or change, or it could mean that Jeff does not require Abed to grow or change as Abed. Boom. 

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S3 gag reel x

I should refer to my boobs as my teats more often.

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Lil’ Community: Six Seasons and a Movie deluxe booster pack!

This pack includes Jeff Winger, Britta Perry, Annie Edison, Shirley Bennett, Troy Barnes, Abed Nadir, Pierce Hawthorne of Hawthorne Wipes, Dean Pelton and Señor Chang!

Like these? Buy the stickers here!

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FAVOURITE SHIPS: Troy/Abed, Community

I don’t ship them, but this photoset is too precious to not reblog.

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COMMUNITY IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!! (almost)

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I think that’s about right

They left Shirley out though. She could have been Zordon or Alpha…

I’m glad you complained about Shirley being left out but not Pierce.

Pierce is clearly Lord Zedd. Shirley is, as the moral compass, clearly Zordon.

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@yvettenbrown Sing with me! “Troy & Abed at their nap-time!” #Community

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